Friday, January 20, 2012

Delaware: The First State

This past weekend Tim and I went to visit his friends, Mike and Kim, in Delaware. Tim went to high school with these friends in DE, so I knew I'd get to hear some good stories. We left Penn Station on Saturday morning at 9am. We took the NJ Transit out to Trenton, NJ, then Kim picked us up. It is about a 90 minute drive to their house. I wanted Kim & Tim to be able to catch up, so I sat in the back. Whoa, that was a dumb idea. I forgot how car sick I get in the back seat, especially now, since I am hardly ever in a car anymore. Luckily, we stopped for gas and snacks right before I felt super sick. The rest of the way, I sat in the front.

Mike and Kim live in a great neighborhood. I met Justin and Quin, their kids. We had lunch and relaxed with the family. Around 8pm, we went to dinner at a steak restaurant called FIREBIRDS. It's Mike and Kim's favorite restaurant. They've been going there for years. Kim & I ordered these amazing pineapple martinis. We all ordered steaks. I had a peppercorn one! I was so delicious. I couldn't eat the whole thing, so I ended up having it for lunch the next day too.

After dinner, we went back to Mike and Kim's and played some board games with them and also Tim's friend Craig. We all had a blast. Tim made me his signature drink, a Seven & Seven. I had a few of them actually. We had a fun time & didn't wake up with a head ache! :)

On Sunday morning, we woke up and played with baby Quin. He just turned 1 yr old on Christmas Day. He's a cutie for sure! Kim made us bacon & french toast with texas toast!! It was yummmmy! I thought Tim was going to pee his pants he was so excited about the french toast. It's his absolute favorite... well, that and pancakes/waffles! :)

That afternoon, we all took naps and were completely lazy. It was wonderful! After that, Kim and I went grocery shopping for dinner. She drove me through the town. The University of Delaware is located there and it reminded me a lot of my college town of Bowling Green, Ohio.

That night was TACO NIGHT and the guys did the cooking. Well, Mike cooked and Tim watched while he drank his Jack & Coke. I could hear Mike giving him instructions from the living room. It was funny. After dinner, we all watched the Golden Globes and relaxed. It was really nice.

Monday morning we woke up to Kim making pancake cupcakes. Pancake Cupcakes? What are they, you ask? Well, it's pancake mix with cooked bacon bits & eggs put into a cupcake pan. They look and tasted delicious. And so easy to make!!

I also tried something called SCRAPPLE, yes SCRAPPLE. Yea, I never heard of it either. It's a east coast thing. The week before we went to DE, Tim sent me the Wikipedia link explaining SCRAPPLE.   And this is the picture I took of it frying in the pan.....

Tim had me try it with ketchup & Mike had me try it with syrup.  It tasted like burnt sausage, which essentially what it is. Lol. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best breakfast food ever! So I guess it's the equivalent of Ohio's SKYLINE CHILI. You rave about Skyline to out-of-towners, then they try it and they are like.... "eh". Those who live in Ohio, know what I mean! :) 

Mike drove us back to the Trenton train station so we could grab the 2pm train. Check out what street the train station is located.....

Kinda cool, eh?? :)

Our train ride on the way back to NYC was nice. I slept a little on Tim's shoulder while he listened to music on my ipod. I'm not sure what he listened to though since most of the ipod is loaded with musical theater recordings. Ha! Ha! It was nice to get away from the city for a few days but it is also nice to be back into the swing of things. 
Thanks to Mike, Kim, Justin & Quin for hosting us for the weekend. Love you guys! :)

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  1. Awe. I want to try those cupcake things... pass on the scrapple! I'm glad you had fun. Now Todd and I need to get up and see you .. oh and tim.