Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Weekend Coming Up!

Hello! How's everyone been? It's been 10 days since Tim left to do THE 39 STEPS in Pennsylvania. I'm going to see it this Saturday night! I'm really excited because my parents and sister Haley are coming from Ohio to see the show too. It's an 8 hour drive for them so I really appreciate them coming! Also, Tim's parents and Aunt and Uncle are going to be there too. Sooooooo...........

Our Parents Are Meeting Each Other!

Eileen and Al Cox
I know they will all get along. Both parents have the same kind of mindset and humor. It should be a great time, especially because we all get to watch Tim on stage. I'm excited for my family to see Tim perform because I just think he's an awesome actor!! Also, We are all staying at the same hotel, so it could end up being a crazy night! :)

Terri and Lee Barlow
By the way, Tim has his own blog following his acting endeavors. If you'd like to read about his show, check him out here: