Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Years Friends!

Hello Friends,
I know it's been 2 months since I've blogged. Mainly because this blog was about the horrible dates I've experienced in NYC and now I'm in a relationship and nothing bad is happening. :) But I thought I'd update to let you know I'm still alive and well.

Tim and I are still together & it's be amazing. We have spent every weekend together ....and I'm not annoyed with him at all. What does that mean?? HAHA!

We've spent both of our birthdays together. He bought us tickets to see "MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG" that is having a limited run at the New York City Center.... but here's the cutest part. He bought them for Feb 14th. This is awesome because: 1) he bought them for waaaaaaaaaay in the future and 2) The tix are for Valentine's Day and I haven't had a date on Valentine's Day in I don't even know how long! He also got me 2 Broadway posters that I've been searching for and couldn't seem to find. On our 2nd date, I was looking for them at the Broadway Flea Market and he remembered. :)

Also, for my birthday, my Mom came to visit for the whole weekend. She met Tim on the first night. She was very impressed by him. She kept telling me how much she liked him and that we seem head over heels for each other. (which is very true!) We had such a fun weekend. It was so much fun to introduce her to all my friends at my birthday party too. I think she had a blast!!

Mom & I

Tim and I
Tim was in a hilarious Christmas play this month, THE ASPHALT CHRISTMAS. It was great. He was great! The show received a lot of awesome reviews. I saw it 3 times. I hung out with him and his cast mates after shows. It was so much fun! Seven of my friends saw the show too. They all really like Tim and wanted to support him. It was so nice to have them see the show. I really appreciated it.
My hot boyfriend in his pin stripped suit in THE ASPHALT CHRISTMAS

We just celebrated Christmas together too. He went to visit his parents in Maryland over the weekend but came back on Christmas night to spend it with me. He asked me if I wanted to go with him for Christmas but unfortunately, I had to work at the theater. I would have loved to go. We got each other pretty good gifts I think. I got him a really nice messenger bag, a bath robe with his name embroidered on it, 3 ties and 2 packs of socks. He was so excited about the socks that I should of just bought him $150 worth of socks. HA! Tim gave me the best Christmas present ever! He gave me some slippers, lotions, The Muppet Movie soundtrack and this......

He made it for me online. He said he was on the website for 45 minutes picking out all the pieces. He gave it green eyes and brown hair for me. He also said that online it's called the "Broadway" outfit... which of course I LOVE!! We named her Dixie. We believe she's a bit of a drama queen, but who wouldn't be with a name like that?? :)
Now Gonzo has a girlfriend! 

We are hosting a New Years Eve party this weekend at my apartment. We bought all sorts of finger foods and a few bottles of champagne. I also bought some fun NYE hats and tiaras too. It should be a good time. We invited 5 of Tim's friends and 5 of my friends. It will be fun to get two different groups of friends together. We think everyone will get a long great. :)

All in all, the last 3 months have been completely wonderful. We are planning a visit to Delaware to visit Tim's best friend Mike and his wife Kim in January. Also, I asked Tim if he would be interested in coming to Ohio with me in March for Kathy & Chad's baby shower and he said, "I'd love to, count me in." :) So we are planning a trip to Ohio Thursday March 22nd to Monday March 26th.

I feel as if 2012 is going to be my most favorite year to date, so I've decided to start blogging again. This time, about happy things and New Yorky things. I hope you will continue to read it.

Have a fabulous New Years.